Environmental sustainability has arguably been the decade’s defining trend in consumer goods markets. Rising awareness about the degradation of marine habitats, loss of soil fertility, contamination of drinking water supplies, and several other ecological issues, has increased the consumer demand for products that are both ecologically sustainable and ethically sound…


In this second part of a two-part series, we explore how the progress in private sector blockchain solutions has also served to highlight key challenges that remain to broader implementation, including regulatory frameworks, interoperability, falling investor confidence, and more.

Innovative technologies typically start with a small and highly dedicated number…

Cryptocurrency cards allow users to integrate cryptocurrency into their everyday transactions

Crypto cards, or credit/debit cards based on cryptocurrency accounts, are one of the newest and fastest-growing payment methods around today. They offer several advantages for consumers over traditional card payment methods and open up new avenues to utilise cryptocurrencies for real-world goods and service purchases. Of course, providing an everyday…

James McKay

Independent research consultant navigating markets that straddle the boundaries between investment, tech innovation. Founder @ mckayresearch.com

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